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Huffington Post: Gluten-Free Foods: 6 Affordable Options (PHOTOS).

Can Yoga Help You Slim Down| Marmapoints: All Things Yoga

Yoga doesn’t burn a lot of calories, but it offers mental and physiological benefits that assist in weight loss.

Do You Need to Sweat A Lot to Get a Good Workout?  (

The iconic picture of an athlete often involves sweat dripping from a brow or bulging muscle. You do your best to emulate that picture every time you hit the gym and self-flagellate if you leave the gym with anything less than a soaked-through shirt. “Sweat is your fat cell’s crying,” say motivational posters, tees and memes.

Benefits Of Swimming For Weight Loss | LIVESTRONG.COM.

Losing weight requires you to burn more calories than you consume. The American College of Sports Medicine advises performing at least an hour of moderate-intensity exercise five times per week to encourage weight loss. U.S. Masters Swimming notes that swimming is a fun, healthy and challenging form of exercise appropriate for all fitness and experience levels. In addition to helping strengthen your heart, improve flexibility and enhance your mood, swimming encourages weight loss.

How To Care for Delicate Under Eye Skin (Dermstore)

Your eyes may be the windows to your soul, but the skin underneath them gives a clear picture of your age. This thin, delicate skin is some of the first to show signs of aging. Many assume that all skin is the same and wonder why products formulated for specific parts of the body are even necessary. But as it turns out, this area deserves special treatment to combat typical problems of dark circles, wrinkles, dryness and swelling.

Quick Chia Seed Snacks (Global Post)

On-the-go and easy ways to use this superfood.