I am starting this blog not to train you online, not to teach you how to work out or prescribe a plan. I can’t promise you a perfect body or a faster pace in your next race. What I can do is share my experience from over 20 years of being in the fitness industry. This experience and knowledge is scientific and theoretical, but most importantly empirical. I have worked with hundreds of people with all sorts of goals, body types and limitations. My clients are men and women, old and young, fit and unfit.  I can help you figure out how to achieve the results you want and live in the best body. But, when it comes down to it, you have to do the work.

I am a personal trainer, nutritionist, yoga teacher and group fitness instructor in Colorado Springs, CO. I grew up in San Antonio, TX – an inactive kid who avoided exercise like the plague. I even took P.E. by correspondence in high school – my parents had to sign off that I hit a tennis ball against the wall 100 times a day for a week. It wasn’t until the prospect of college came up that I decided I wanted to get in shape – I joined a gym, and was hooked. Although I wasn’t completely consistent with exercising in college, I managed to make it enough of a habit that it has lasted to this day.

I also have a degree in politics from Princeton and a masters in international public policy from Columbia. Although I always taught classes for fun, when I realized I could not save the world, I left nonprofit work for more full-time fitness work. I also attended culinary school, to learn more about nutrition and to feed (pun intended) my passion for food.

Fitness has always given back to me. I have made dear friends and professional contacts through fitness. I am healthier because of it. I want to share it with others and help them reach their potential.

I have dealt with hundreds of people over almost 20 years. I have witnessed remarkable changes as well as people who get frustrated with the lack of results. I believe in consistency, diet, moderation and balance – all the buzz words, right? I am not going to tell you how to live, but I can tell you what works for me and others. Do I have bad days? Absolutely. Do I eat perfectly? Absolutely not. Do I always feel energized and excited about my workouts? Nope. Am I always inspired in the kitchen? No. But I have found ways to overcome these challenges when they present themselves and do the best I can at any given moment.

We all want the magic formula, but you have to find that for yourself. I can help you reach inside and figure it out – but I can’t make change happen for you. I have clients who thank me for weight loss results or fitness achievements and I always tell them – you did the work.

What’s my experience?

American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer, 2001 to present

American Council on Exercise, Certified Group Exercise Instructor, 1997 to present

Precision Nutrition, Level One certification

RRCA Run Coach

LifePower, Yoga Fit and Body Zen Yoga Instructor (E-RYT 200 Hours)

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and AAAI certified Pilates Instructor

Powder Blue, PiYo-certified Instructor

Spinning, Kaiser and Reebok certified Cycling Instructor

Startrac Trekking (Treadmill training) Instructor

Star Trac Stomp (Stairmaster) Instructor

Freemotion Training Master Instructor

Silver Sneakers Instructor

Certificate in the Culinary Arts, Institute for Culinary Education, NY, NY

B.A., Politics, Princeton University

Masters, School of International Public Policy,  Columbia University

Races: My running adventure began with a half marathon in Loveland, Colorado – November 2009. Since then, I have completed 9 marathons  dozens more  1/2 marathons (including the Denver and Phoenix Rock n Rolls, Disney 1/2, Platte Half, Colfax Half, Superbowl Half and Slacker Half), the Garden of the Gods 10-miler, 3 Epic Relays through the Rocky Mountains and several marathon relays (8 miles of the America Discovery Trail). My triathlon career began in 2012 with a small race on the Ft. Carson military base. Since then, I’ve completed several sprints and Olympic distances, the Boulder 70.3 twice, the Harvest Moon 70.3 and a full Ironman in Boulder in 2014 (which I’d hoped to repeat in 2015, but was sidelined).

I am also the  mom of two young kids, three large labs, one loving orange kitty and two rambunctious kittens. I have lived in Colorado Springs, CO since April 2004.