Well, lookie here. I said I had a new promise — daily blogging, and I’m not doing it.

That’s familiar to a lot of us. We get inspired by something and promise upon promise to make it happen. It might be diet, it might be gym visits, it might be a journal or a volunteering project — and we keep it up for an hour…a few days…a week — even several months.

But, life — we say — gets in the way.


I recently read one way to ensure success is to commit, not just promise, but commit 100% to something. Throw yourself fully and utterly into a goal and get it. One-hundred percent gives you no wiggle room. Instead of 80/20 (the popular “healthy” eating recommendation that you eat clean 80% of the time and splurge 20%) or exercising “3” days per week, you commit to your goal every damn day. This way, you don’t have to mull over choices. You know what the choice is — you do your task, you eat clean, you exercise…

Let’s try it. I commit to blogging daily — and that might mean some not so interesting reports about training, You — what are you after? Commit to it and dive in 100%.

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