Firsleepy mest run today after 2 weeks off following Disney. Can’t say that it was a great experience – my head wasn’t in the game, perhaps I should’ve given it another week. See pic to the left – that’s how I was feeling. But, 6 miles is history.

What should you do when you don’t feel like running, and it’s on your training plan. Well, advice No. 1? If you are hurting in some way, sick or have been training like crazy – it’s a sign your body needs a day off. Take it – take 2 even.

But, if it’s just a lazy day, here’s four ways to make the run happen:

  • Go, but give yourself permission to take it easy – even if you have a tempo or speed day on tap. You can do that next time. Sometimes, once you start, you’re ready to rev – sometimes, you’re not.
  • Do something completely different. Here in Colorado Springs, I might hit the incline (a less than 1 mile straight up hike that gains 2,000 feet and then a 3-mile (ish) trail down that you can run…or trot.) You can adapt by finding a hilly trail where running is just really more of a hope than a necessity. If you’re stuck indoors – try the step mill or the elliptical for variety. Or, hit a cycling class. A consistent RPM of around 90 matches your ideal stride rate (of 90 steps per foot or around 180 strides per minute.)
  • Make it a walk-run. Use a ratio that sounds good to you – 1 minute of running to 1 minute of walking; 30 seconds of walking at the end of every mile; 3 minutes of running and 20 seconds of walking; or come up with your own. The point is you’re out there – and moving, but the pressure is off.
  • Leave every watch at home. Don’t check the time when you leave the house, don’t measure your miles. Just go out and move for as long as you feel is right, come home and call it a workout. We get in a rut that if we can’t quantify it – it didn’t count. It counts and it doesn’t matter if it’s fast, slow or something in between. Enjoy movement – not tracking your stats.

These options keep you from bailing completely, which can become a habit. Remember, though — if you think missing one day, and just one day, will blow your fitness and schedule, it won’t. Missing one day, then two, then three, then a week and a month…that’s a problem.

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