I felt so good after the two-day cleanse, I tried a new one this past weekend. This is another Dr. Oz-inspired cleanse composed only of smoothies. Here it goes:

Day 1:

I did start with coffee with a little almond milk. Perhaps not off to the cleansiest of starts.

Had the detox tea afterwards – green tea with lemon and stevia. I skipped the stevia. I really want to like green tea…but it is just ok. Actually, barely ok.

Breakfast shake as prescribed with spinach, almond butter, raspberries, flax and lemon. Really delicious and filling. So far, so good.

Instead of “one of any of the three prescribed shakes” as a snack shake, I had a VegaOne berry flavored shake with blueberries, banana and almond milk. I need my maca.

Lunch shake made with celery, kale, pineapple, apple and lime was amazingly tasty, but I felt desperate for something to chew.  Ate half a head of cauliflower too.

Around 3 pm, I splurged and had a banana. Call it a pre-swim snack.

Dinner shake – my favorite, blueberries, mango, more kale, lemon, avocado – and then the cayenne adds awesome kick. Cayenne has extraordinary healing properties too.

Around 6:30 pm, I was feeling cold and again desperate for chewable food. In my weakness, I had 2 cups of steamed broccoli and 3 Chunks of Energy carob/spirulina cubes for dessert. If you’ve never had Chunks of Energy – they are raw vegan concoctions of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and in this case, greens. I know – I’m a rebel.

Day One Review: I almost caved and ate real food multiple times during the day – seems a drink-only cleanse is a serious problem for me – even though each smoothie is filling and yummy.

Day 2:

Woke up grumpy – matter of fact, I was grumpy yesterday too.  Perhaps the lack of chewing does this to a person. I also think it may be the detox process. Last weekend, on the other cleanse, I had a grumpy day as well.

Coffee in the am…sorry, I did go off it 3 weeks a while back and now I only have 1-2 cups per day (versus the 5-6). I just like the warmth and tastiness of it in the morning. It isn’t negotiable.

7:30 am: Breakfast Smoothie – but after I drank it, I realized I forgot the almond butter.   I decided to have it as a side dish, with an extra banana and then an extra tablespoon or maybe two of the almond butter… Hey, it’s in the spirit of the cleanse.

11:30 am:  Dinner smoothie without the avocado and flax and an extra 1/2 banana. I was gonna head out for a 10-11 mile run in an hour so it served as a prerun fuel and it worked awesome. The coconut water is full of electrolytes.

During the run, I used watered-down tart cherry juice as fuel and for hydration. Tart cherry juice has properties that aid recovery.

About an hour post run, I whipped up a  Vega One smoothie with mango, banana, almond-coconut milk and  ½ of an orange and spinach – 15 g of protein and carbs. Perfect for recovery

Two hours post-run. I need food. Sauteed veggies and brown rice.  Too hungry and cold for another cold smoothie.

Dinner:  Lunch smoothie and a sweet potato

Day 2 Review: My energy levels were great, nutrients are all there. I like this cleanse, except for the cold food thing in the middle of January.

Day 3:

Woke up feeling stupendous, but still had my coffee to make sure that didn’t change.

Made the breakfast smoothie, subbing blueberries for raspberries (ran out) and taught a spin class.

Used a Vega One smoothie with blueberries and banana for recovery

Lunch was another slight deviation. I did the lunch smoothie, but also had a generous serving of radishes and several Chunks of Energy snacks (find them in many health food stores – bulk bins)

Dinner was another dinner smoothie – following the recipe – along with steamed green beans, brown rice and a few artichoke hearts marinated in oil (needed something warm)

Overall, this cleanse was short on EATING. The nourishment and calories are there and I did not feel hungry, but craved WARMTH. Now that I’m two days out of it – I’m sticking with the spirit of the cleanse. Just had the dinner smoothie for, well, dinner but did eat solid food at lunch. I have cut sugar cravings and my energy is good – dare I say, great? You do have to be around your home, however, to do it – whipping up smoothies with mounds of frozen fruit and greens is not very doable at the office and I don’t think any of them would travel well. Also, you really need a high-speed blender to make the smoothies —  love my Vitamix!

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