I’m not a big resolution-er. I’d rather improve all year long. However, January 1 is a good day to set a bunch of these improvements into motion, so here goes:

1)   Foam roll every day. Every time I foam roll, it helps, but I get lazy or distracted or for some reason feel it is my own form of rebellion to not foam roll and limp down the stairs the next morning. No more. Foam roll every day.


2)   More greens. I know my diet is much better than the average person – but it is not where it could be. After watching “Food Matters” and “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” in the last three months, why I continue to “forget” to drink my green drinks boggles me. No more. Green drink daily.





3)   Yoga. Oh, I love yoga – but again, it tends to fall off when other duties or workouts beckon. Yoga becomes priority number one and precedes all other workouts. Even Tony Horton, famous for P90X, says if you can only do one workout – make it yoga.



Okay, enough writing about it. Time to roll, make a green smoothie and head to yoga. Cheers and Happy New Year.

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