For those of you who don’t follow regularly, I committed to a 2-day cleanse inspired by Dr. Oz. See Post Holiday Cleanse.

Day One: Saturday

First day of the cleanse.

6:30 am: I made the quinoa, with water, prunes, nutmeg and grated ginger – added 1 tablepoon of chia instead of flax oil (more protein, fiber and overall benefits ). Instead of rice milk, I used my favorite almond-coconut milk (unsweetened). Review: not the tastiest meal I’ve ever had, but filling and palatable. Approximately 450 calories.

Workout: 8 miles on the treadmill. A horrible experience – no energy, heavy legs  — and I’m sure it had nothing to do with the short sleep and extra beer the night before. Must be the lack of fuel. Decided at mile 4 to stop and get something. After weeding through Gus and  Clif bars, decided to semi-stick to the cleanse and have a banana. Didn’t help.

As I ran, I watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” Inspired me to keep going with the cleanse – if a guy can do 60 days of pure juice, I can handle 2 days of this pansy version.

10:30 am: lunch – it also served as a post-workout recovery drink. Blended together a scoop of VegaOne, a frozen banana and more almond-coconut milk. Sacrificed the last bit of my frozen blueberries (which were called for in the original drink)  to my son who wanted a spinach smoothie. Who’s gonna turn down that request? Review:  I have Vega often and the dynamic greens, probiotics and abundance of micronutrients made up for the lack of berries. My smoothie was far more substantial than the one called for in the cleanse – nearly 300 calories. Dr. Oz’s is more like 150 and a meager 8 oz.

11:30 am: Hungry. Ate a bowl of radishes and chopped cucumber with lemon sea salt. Commenced painting my daughter’s room purple. Dropped the paint lid on the carpet. Grouchy. Very grouchy.

2:00 pm: Still hungry. Blended together the green drink in the VitaMix (rather than a juicer): kale, ginger, pineapple, water, ice and half a lemon. Still grouchy. Missed the glass and poured much of it on the counter. Add clumsy. Review: Quite delicious and satisfying. Approximately 100 calories in a VERY generous serving.

4:00 pm: Hungry again. Blended another green drink. Sat on couch like the vegetables I was eating and watched Ice Age Continental Divide with the kids. Less grouchy, but I wasn’t moving.

6:00 pm: Made the broth – added smoked paprika, fennel seeds instead of caraway, garlic cloves, cabbage, spring onions, fennel bulb, shitakes, cabbage and parsley. Review: I ate gobs of this – probably 3 or 4 bowls (who’s counting) vegetables and all. The flavor was light, but tasty enough. Had a generous serving of sauerkraut too – when you’re hungry, anything tastes good. Two apples for dessert. I’m figuring the whole meal at approximately 250 calories.

Confession:  I did add ½ cup of brown rice and finished a tablespoon of guacamole from the family’s burrito dinner.

Overall – I am accustomed to eating a lot. This was not a lot, even though my total calories for the day totaled about 1,500. I better feel stupendous tomorrow.

Day Two: Sunday

Second day of the cleanse.

5:22 am: Woke up. Hungry.  A visit to the potty verified the cleanse seemed to be working. (TMI, I know)

6:30 am: Life seems better today. Made quinoa cereal. No changes to the recipe, but today – truly not delicious. I am not a fan at all. In the future, I’ll replace the quinoa with brown rice and the prunes with dates – stick to the chia, nutmeg and ginger, however.

8:30 am:  Workout. Cycling felt much better than my run yesterday. Surprisingly, lots of energy.

11:00 am: Lunch. Repeat of the smoothie with the banana and Vega One and Coconut-almond milk; added a bowl of steamed green beans and several stalks of celery

1:30 pm: Hungry, but not ravenous.  Green smoothie – this time, I added ½ a green apple.

2:30 pm: Hungry. More green beans.

3:30 pm: Had a few stalks more of celery. Stomach wasn’t rumbling and I didn’t feel out of control hunger.

4:00pm:  Workout. Swim. Felt surprisingly good. Maybe there is something to this after all.

5:30pm: More celery.

6pm: Lots of veggie broth with lots of sauerkraut (not as appealing today). Conveniently left over from yesterday, so no waiting the hour for it to cook – added cayenne to give it a kick.

Confession: I again added ½ cup of brown rice.

Big Confession:  After dinner, I caved and had a final VegaOne and banana smoothie. Call me weak.

Overall – this cleanse did what I had hoped. It got me out of the habit of snacking on bars and peanut butter – and even tons of fruit. I added green smoothies back in and reminded myself how much I truly love them. (even bought extra kale yesterday). My energy levels soared on the second day. Dare I say, Sunday – I felt fantastic. Today is New Year’s Eve. Chances are I won’t be as virtuous tonight – but I’ll be on track all day and tomorrow morning. Try it – especially if you want to kickstart healthy eating in the New Year. Next step for me: Dr. Oz’s 3-Day Detox Cleanse One-Sheet. Starting Friday, I’ll let you know.

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