Let me start by saying, I am not a fan of cleanses. For the most part, they are unproven, unnecessary and ineffective. Eating real food – whole, unprocessed food – in reasonable portions can be effective enough in stimulating your liver, lymphatic system and kidneys to do the cleansing work they are designed to do. You don’t need pills, fasts or a juicer (alone) to clean out your system.

Furthermore, most cleanses are short on food and calories – which, to me, means hunger (the  “I’ll eat my own young” hunger) and a lack of energy during workouts. If you lose weight during a cleanse, you gain it back — and usually more. Cleanses leave you famished and do you no good if you turn around and eat like you did prior to your attempt to detoxify. Some cleanses are downright dangerous.

Then, I stumbled upon a seemingly realistic cleanse from Dr. Oz.  I have my issues with the good doctor (arsenic in apple juice, anyone), but for the most part — he offers good advice. This cleanse has real food: quinoa for breakfast, a substantial smoothie of bananas and blueberries for lunch and a veggie soup full of shitakes, fennel and green beans for dinner. Snacks are celery, radishes and kale-apple or pineapple-pomegranate juices. I’ve never done an official cleanse before, but am feeling sluggy and large following the Christmas season (and I don’t feel like I really overdid it…but I “did” some.) The Christmas season also set up some cravings I’d rather not indulge.

Bonus? Only 2 Days..short enough to fit in between holiday parties and long workout days…but long enough to reinvigorate my taste for real food. Besides, if I want to go longer — I can.

I shopped today — bought all the ingredients and start tomorrow. Pick up the ingredients in just about any store. I went organic, and didn’t spend a mint. No expensive supplements or things I’ll never use again were on the handy shopping list. It is all real food, and tasty versions of it. I do know I’ll make a few alterations – I’ll use Vega One in my smoothie and will probably have a pre-workout banana (or 2) before the planned 8-mile tempo on Saturday and the swim/cycle fiesta on Sunday. Otherwise – I’m sticking to the plan here: Two-Day Cleanse. The article has a low down on the benefits of the phytonutrients you’ll be consuming. After reading, I bet you’ll want to join me. I’ll give you a final verdict on Sunday…or Monday…just in time for you to commit for the New Year.

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  2. Ty on 31 Dec 2012

    Please post your grocery list

    • admin on 31 Dec 2012

      Ty –
      the list can be found and printed here: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/48-hour-weekend-cleanse?page=2#copy
      The post also has all the recipes I used (except, of course, the ones I doctored, as mentioned in the post above) So, I’d amend the list this way: add at least 2 packets of VegaOne (can get at Whole Foods next to protein poweders or at Natural Grocers — recommend chocolate or vanilla, although Chai is good too); eliminate flax oil; add extra green beans, extra apple and 2-3 extra bananas; smoked paprika; cayenne; fennel seeds (dry) instead of caraway; almond-coconut (Almond Breeze) milk instead of rice milk. That’s it. I hope that helps. Also, when you purchase the spices, get them in bulk from Whole Foods if possible — that way you don’t have to invest in a whole jar, just a Tablespoon or two — especially if you don’t plan to use them again.

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