Okay, it’s the Friday before Christmas – just four days before the fat man rears his cheery head (actually, its been reared for 6 weeks now, but who’s counting) and you have no presents. Or, maybe you do have some presents but haven’t yet gotten them for the athlete in your life. Yes, you could get them a gift card to the local sporting goods store, but show you care (and listen to their rants about rides, runs, swims, pretzel-like moves and boot camp soreness) with one of these items. You don’t have to know their size (which you do for clothing and shoes), but you’ll look like you are in the know!

1) Tub of VegaOne – the best meal replacement (in my humble opinion), the maca helps with recovery, the probiotics keeps digestion regular, the protein is vegan, the super greens are – well – super and the 50 percent of daily vitamins are a good way to augment an already healthy diet. ($50-65)

2)  Headlamp – early morning (or late evening) runners are safer with these. Versions that clip to a hat or waistband or that you wear on your knuckles are also available. Alternatively, your giftee’s kids may wear them on their heads to spelunk the closets. ($20-ish)

3) Water bottle — you think everyone has enough of these, but there are never too many – they often disappear. Also, if you find one with just the right valve, that is BPA free and has a homing device, you’ve hit a home run. For long-distance runners or hikers, invest in a fuel belt (a belt that clips water bottles to it). ($10-30)

4)  Foot massage ball – Small, golf-ball sized balls made of rubber with little malleable spikes, these balls can be used to rub sore tootsies. Stocking stuffer? ($5-10)

5) Foam roller – got an athlete that complains about aches and pains in the legs? Give her the ability to roll these out (be prepared to here small screams if you happen to be in the same room). These come in a variety of versions – ask for a stiff one and even get one with trigger point patterning for more effectiveness (pain). It hurts so good. ($30-100)

6)  Basket with energy gels, glide (a roller ball of goodness that stops shirts and shorts from rubbing) and Epsom salts – If you are the crafty sort, you can be creative with the bundle (price varies depending on what you get: gels usually $1.50-2/glide $10/Epsom salts $3)

7)  Gift certificate to a massage: No one turns this down ($50-100)

8) Free month at their favorite yoga studio: Only get this if you KNOW where they go. Some people are loathe to change. ($70-200)

9) Yoga mat – go for a Manduka, the Cadillac of mats – or yoga towel from Yogi Toes to wipe their sweat and keep their mat sticking through steamy classes. (Manduka: $80 +/yoga towels: $50+)

10) An assortment of socks – not sexy, but nothing gets an athlete going like the perfect pair. ($7-20 per pair)

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