I’m doing it. I’m giving up coffee. I like Coffee

At least for a week. Or maybe 5 days. Or maybe today. Maybe just the morning.

I’m trying at least.

I love my coffee. But, that’s the problem. I am over-addicted. We all know coffee is addictive, but I seem to have jumped over into an extreme addiction. I drink four to five cups each morning, sometimes more, and it is messing with my delicate tummy. Plus, I think it is contributing to mild adrenal fatigue which zaps energy and athletic performance. Plus, I don’t know what my body feels like without it. I may like it — but I’ve been too scared to let go.

I am so attached that I go into a planning mode if I leave town – I must make sure I’ll have coffee available first thing. I carry coffee with me. I’m like a junkie who can’t go two minutes without a fix – at least when the sun rises. Coffee definitely has some apparent health benefits, but I’m too far gone to be experiencing those. In a lot of way, coffee runs my life. I can’t let anything have that much control over me.

Coffee stimulates the same chemicals in the brain as cocaine — with addictive results. So I suppose I’m not “like a junkie”, I just am one.

Mind you, I didn’t say I was giving up stimulants. I’m on my fourth cup of yerba mate, which is a South American tea-like drink made from the relative of the holly plant. Rumor has it that it contains more antioxidants than coffee and can help with digestion. It provides a caffeine buzz but without the jarring aspect of coffee. You can buy it in most major supermarkets and health food stores in tea bags or loose. Yerba does have caffeine, but it isn’t acidic and oily like coffee – so it is kinder to the digestive tract and is less likely to cause the jitters. You can brew it super strong (mine this morning is not quite strong enough in flavor) without it getting too bitter like tea because it lacks the tannins.

It is 11:12 am….and so far so good. I made it through cycle and yoga and feel good. Actually, I’ll say it – I feel great.

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  1. Matéo on 05 Nov 2012

    Great post! As a Mate enthusiast, I think you’ll definitely find that Mate is a much better stimulant than coffee. Drink on!

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