We all want to lose weight quickly and effortlessly. If it were this easy, however, wouldn’t everyone be at a healthy weight? Weight loss takes hard work, but we continually fall for the promises of the latest weight loss scheme.  Only 5% of dieters keep their weight off for more than 3 years. Some plans are clearly silly (banana-only diet, for example). Some make such convincing promises, you just want to believe them. They are like those trick birthday cake candles — you blow one out, only to have it relight again and again. You lose the weight, and regain it…and more and more. This time no one is laughing.

If a diet features one of the following, beware:

  • Promises of quick, dramatic weight loss
  • Extremely low calories
  • Meal replacements instead of food (bars, shakes etc.)
  • Dependency on “their” product (cereal, device or counselor)
  • Lack of discussion of longterm dietary changes
  • Salespeople called “counselors” who are said to be “qualified” to give nutrition advice
  • Longterm contracts or ask that you sign up for a specific “time” with the program or upfront money
  • Failure to let you know about the potential risks of following their program
  • Unproven “aids” such as HCG, diuretics, etc.
  • People who go on the program gain weight when they go off it

I always say, if you have to go on the same diet “again” – it didn’t work the first time. Lifestyle change is the route to lasting weight loss. You have to change the way you think about food. It isn’t entertainment and you don’t have an entitlement to eat anything you want anytime you want. Stop seeking the easy route. Roll up your sleeves and get down to business.

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