I’m in a groove. I’ve got this now and I do feel great. I’ve made it through days of runs, lifts, mega class loads and nonstop days without straying from the vegan diet. My energy levels are fantastic. That’s not to say that it’s been without challenges. The biggest ones thus far:

  • What to eat on the go? A salad or hummus are not quick, between-class, only-have-5-minutes to eat meals. I need more than just carbs or fruit. I may keep Lara bar in business.
  • Adequate protein after a strength-training session. Sure,  if I am home, I can whip together a vegan protein smoothie, but I’m not always home.
  • Keeping fats and carbs in check. I don’t try to eat a low-fat or a low-carb diet, but I try to eat in balance. A lot of vegan foods can be higher in carbs and the easy proteins, like nuts, are high in fat. While I am not scared of healthy fats, I’m thinking a pound of nuts per day is excessive.
  • Making sure everything I eat is vegan. I learned this week that a quick meal without reading the package may result in the consumption of animal products. I have come to the conclusion that being about 97 percent vegan is inevitable because I’ll never be sure from where every chemical ingredient derives. I could make myself crazy, or I could simply do the very best I can at any given moment in time. 

I know all these challenges are surmountable – with just a little research. I’ll let you know when I have some answers.

A lot of vegans may have trouble with their families not buying in, or trying to knock you off the path. While my family is not currently going vegan, they aren’t nay-saying my choice. We are a little different though. I go through dietary experiments often, so none of us ever really eat the same meal at the same time. I am accustomed to making something different for the kids than for myself. My husband often has late meetings so dinner together isn’t a family thing for us – good or bad, it is the way it is.

This week, we’re going to see how the kids do with alternative milks. Almond milk has already gotten the thumbs down.

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  1. Cristi on 31 Oct 2011

    Well, you have inspired me…I am not up for Vegan but I am doing the vegetarian thing for now. Thanks for your updates!

    • admin on 31 Oct 2011

      Love it, Cristi. Do your best, and see how you feel. If you get a chance, watch Food, Inc. It might help you keep your resolve. I want to hear how you do!

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