Spin class and running require good music to keep you going.

Here’s what you will find me playing often:

  • Eminem: No Love and Love the Way You Lie off the Album “Recovery “
  • Drop Kick Murphy’s: The State of Massachusetts and Johnny, I Hardly Knew You off “The Meanest Times”
  • Cake: Long Time off “Showroom of Compassion”
  • Rob Zombie: SuperBeast off “Hellbilly Deluxe”
  • Mumford and Sons: Little Lion Man off “Sigh No More”
  • Pink: Who Knew off “I’m Not Dead”
  • Pink: Fu*kin’ Perfect off “Fu*kin Perfect”
  • Bon Jovi: Runaway off “Bon Jovi”
  • Cage the Elephant: Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked off “Cage the Elephant”
  • Ingrid Michaelson: Be OK off of “Be OK”
  • Broken Bells: The Ghost Inside off of “Broken Bells”
  • The Decemberists: “Down By the Water” off “The King is Dead”

These next few may not be high art, but they do get you moving:

  • New Boyz: Backseat
  • Pit Bull: Give Me Everything
  • Jennifer Lopez: On the Floor

And, I’m not above playing a little Lady Gaga, Keisha or Britney either. Happy groovin’!

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  1. Aimee on 03 Jul 2011

    there are a couple good songs on the new JLo and Pitbull discs. I love your class music – always gets me motivated. Today’s was one of my favorites; and the one with The Killer’s Human.

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