My expensive egg trip to Whole Foods (see yesterday’s post) highlights one of the biggest obstacles to healthy eating: cost.  Loading up on “healthy” processed foods can cost you a lot. But, in reality, you can’t use cost as an excuse for not eating well. Here are my top ten ways to keep your diet healthy without breaking your budget.

1)      Stick to oatmeal, natural peanut butter and bananas at breakfast.

2)      Buy organic berries frozen or when they are on sale.

3)      When organic meat or chicken is on sale, buy extra and freeze in individual portions.

4)      Wash your own organic lettuce – prewashed lettuce comes at a premium.

5)      Buy raw nuts at Costco – almonds and walnuts are always available – and roast them yourself if you choose.

6)      Substitute dried beans for meat at many meals during the week.

7)      Make your own hummus.

8)      Make your own salad dressings.

9)      Buy brown rice and quinoa in bulk.

10)   Skip “organic” soda, cookies, scones, chips, granola bars, muffins, cakes and candy. In fact, just skip these foods altogether.

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4 Responses

  1. Simple but effective, great article, thanks for posting.

  2. Laurie Endicott Thomas on 22 Aug 2011

    It would be better to avoid even the “organic” meats. A study of mortality data from China in the early 1970s found that eating even small amounts of animal products caused a small but significant increase in the risk of chronic disease.

    • admin on 23 Aug 2011

      While I don’t disagree that meat may be a good thing to give up, I also want people to feel that eating healthy is accessible. If people choose to eat meat, they should make the healthiest choices possible. A study from the 1970s is rather old, however, and methodologies change. I would be more inclined to look at studies such as the one from Harvard that found a correlation between eating more than 18 oz. of red meat per week and colon cancer or the 2010 September study from the Annals of Internal Medicine comparing low carb dieters who ate more meat or those who ate more vegetable proteins and found that the meat eaters had a greater all-cause mortality rate. Thanks for your thoughts, Laurie!

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