No Wimps

I teach a treadmill boot camp class several times a week. Just like it sounds, participants fight (literally, they get up at 5 am to sign up two days in advance for the 6 spaces available) for me to bully them up hills and into crazy speeds on a treadmill. The workouts are designed to help people improve their running, become runners or just get a great cardiovascular workout. With only three variables – hills, speed and time – there are only so many programs you can do. I try to mix it up as much as possible, so today we did three segments each lasting 10 minutes. Between each of these sections, participants jogged or walked for 3 ½ minutes. For the first and third segment, I had runners (all were runners today) increase their speed by .1 to .2 every minute for the first 7 minutes and then go even faster if they could for each of the final 3 minutes. So, for example, if your comfortable run speed is a 6.0, then your profile for these 10 minute segments would look like:

minute 1: 6.2 mph

minute 2: 6.4 mph

minute 3: 6.6 mph

minute 4: 6.8 mph

minute 5: 7.0 mph

minute 6: 7.2 mph

minute 7: 7.4 mph

minute 8: 7.7 mph

minute 9: 8.0 mph

minute 10: 8.5 mph

For the second, or middle, 10-minute section, runners climbed a hill by .5 % grade every minute up until minute 7, and then 1 percent for each minute up to minute 10 while maintaining base speed (6.0 mph as per the example above). For example

minute 1: 1.5 %

minute 2: 2 %

minute 3: 2.5%

minute 4: 3 %

minute 5: 3.5 %

minute 6: 4%

minute 7: 4.5%

minute 8: 5.5%

minute 9: 6.5%

minute 10: 7.5%

This profile builds running endurance and strength, and could become anaerobic if you push your speed at the top of the speed minutes and the hill. My treadmill boot campers are no wimps!


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  1. Erin Eleuterio on 21 Apr 2011

    As simple as it sounds I think you could have blog just posting TMBC workouts. Love them!

    • Andrea on 21 Apr 2011

      Erin – I’m thinking once a week I’ll do a cycle or TMBC profile, keep you hard-core people happy!

  2. Amanda on 21 Apr 2011

    I like that you posted this! Sometimes, it’s very difficult for people to understand / visualize what I’m talking about in regard to treadmill bootcamp. This totally puts it into perspective. Thanks for sharing! Wimps we aren’t!

  3. Jen Carlson on 21 Apr 2011

    Looks like a great workout! I am sad I missed it. Hopefully I will see you Monday!

  4. Ty on 21 Apr 2011


  5. Rachel Gibson on 21 Apr 2011

    Since I can’t seem to A)get off in time from work to get to TBC or B) get a spot on the list, now I can mimick my own TBC. Thanks for sharing Andrea!

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