Taper Down

This is my favorite portion of the taper – still active enough to feel good and not like a slug, but rested enough to have really good workouts. This is also the time when I start to regret marathon training. My appetite is still huge, but I’m not burning as many calories. For those of you who don’t know – running a marathon is not a good weight loss strategy. Mentally, no matter who you are, you feel like you are justified in eating anything. And, while you are burning a lot of calories in runs, you may actually burn fewer in other parts of your life. Because your legs are tired, you may skip walking the dog, doing chores or just fidgeting. You may take extra naps and sit on the couch to watch a movie instead of some other active pursuit. I n ow look forward to after the marathon when I can focus on cross training, reducing my carb intake and weight workouts.

April 10 through April 17


  • Cycle – taught 60 minute class with heart rate at an average of 70 percent of max.
  • Yoga – taught a 60 minute class and did 90 percent


  • Cycle – taught a 60 minute interval class consisting of out of the seat hill charges: 1, 90 sec, 2 min up to 5 min with negative recoveries. Intervals at an intense pace and heart rate of about 80 percent of max.
  • Run – 6 miles with 7, ½-mile repeats at faster than 10 K pace


  • Functional Training Class – 5-set rounds for triceps, biceps, chest and legs with intense cardio bursts between, along with core training. Worked to 100 percent.
  • Interval Training Class – 1-hour class using 20- and 10-lb. dumbbells, alternating 4 minutes of cardio with 3 minutes of weight training. Worked at about 80 percent.
  • Pilates – taught and participated in about 50 percent of class.


  • Cycle – taught a 60-minute endurance class alternating seated and standing climbs. Heart rate at about 70 percent of max for the duration
  • Pilates – taught a 60-minute class and did about 80 percent of it
  • Yoga – taught 2 yoga classes, a basics for 1 hour and a flow for 45 minutes – did about 70 percent of both
  • Run – 4.5 miles tempo run, hilly terrain


  • Kickboxing Interval – taught a 60-minute class with moderate-intensity cardio alternated with rows, push-ups, chest flies and lateral raises. Used 15-lb. and 12-lb. weights. Very tired, but managed about 70 percent of my best effort.
  • Interval Training Class – taught a 60-minute class with 3 to 4 minutes of cardio alternating with 2 to 3 minutes of strength training with particular focus on back, chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps. Still tired, but managed about 80 percent effort.
  • Pilates – taught and participated in 80 percent of a 1-hour class.


  • Yoga – taught and participated in 85 percent of a 1-hour class
  • Body  Fit – taught and participated in about 25 percent of a 1-hour cardio/resistance class
  • Run – 15 miles on the trail – feeling good!


  • Boot Camp – taught a 1-hour class with stations of cardio, plyometrics and weight training. Performed about 50 percent of the class, mostly the weight-based portion using 15-lb and 12-lb dumbbells.

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  1. Ty on 18 Apr 2011

    I can’t wait for Marathon to be over with so I can hit the trails 🙂

    • Andrea on 18 Apr 2011

      indeed! Its right now that I’m itching to do everything else!

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