Before you think I am all show-offy and out tooting my horn, I actually have a purpose behind this post. I was thinking today that many of you might benefit from understanding what I do weekly for workouts, and why I make the choices I do. Also, almost daily, someone asks me what I do for workouts – so here you inquisitive folk go!

Remember, I teach between 20 and 25 classes per week in addition to my own training. Many of these classes are mind-body or coaching, not beat-you-up hard-core strength and cardio. You should understand that sometimes, I make mistakes and over train. So, when I warn against it, it is from experience. In no way do I recommend my workout regimen as a prescription that you should follow. It is what works for me, and sometimes, like at mile 15 on Santa Fe Trail on Saturday, does not. Right now, I am in an intense training season. I have a marathon coming up on May 1st, so the focus is on running, cardio and endurance. I will make a similar post weekly, so you can see the ebbs and flows in my schedule, and observe how it changes with my training needs. Perhaps then, you can also begin to look at your own plans and see where you might need tweaks.

Week of March 13-19:


  • cycle class — taught mostly off the bike for 60 min.
  • yoga class – taught and participated in about 70 percent of the 60-min. class


  • cycle class – taught and participated in the 50-55 minutes of intervals alternating between 60 and 80 percent of heart rate max
  • yoga-Pilates fusion — taught and did about 70 percent of the 60-min. class


  • Functional Strength Training Class — taught the hour-long class emphasizing core work using 15-lb. and 12-lb. dumbbells. Average heart rate during class about 60 percent of max, with five or six bursts of cardio lasting 30 seconds to 1 minute each broaching 80 percent of max.
  • Interval Class – taught a 60-min. class alternating 3 minutes of cardio with 3 minutes of strength using 15-lb. and 12-lb. dumbbells. Average heart rate about 65 percent of max, with some of the 3-minute cardio segments at 75 to 80 percent.
  • 10-minute personal strength workout: supersets of Freemotion cable presses alternated with cable flies – 3 sets of 12 each, with 1 min. rest between. Twelve reps of classic kettlebell swings with 1 minute breaks between the 3 sets.
  • 5-mile tempo run outdoors.


  • Cycle class: taught and participated in a morning cycle class at about 72 percent of my heart rate max, focus on endurance.
  • Pilates class: taught and participated in about 70 percent of the hour-long class.
  • Yoga: taught 2 classes, one for an hour, one for 45 minutes, and participated in about 70 percent of them.


  • Interval Class: taught and participated in 40 minutes of intervals alternating 3 minutes of cardio and 1 ½ minutes of strength training using just 6 lb. and 8 lb. dumbbells. Finished with 10 minutes of abdominal/core work and light stretching
  • 6 mile interval run: ½-mile speed intervals for 8 repetitions, ¼-mile recoveries.
  • Pilates:  taught an hour-long Pilates class and did about 80 percent of it.


  • Yoga: taught 2 classes, one lasting an hour, one for 45 minutes and participated in about 80 percent of them.
  • Interval Class: taught and participated in an interval cardio and weight class consisting of 30 sec strength and 30 sec weights – approximately – for 50 minutes and then 10 minutes of abs and stretching. Used 10 lb. and 15 lb. dumbbells.
  • Boot Camp: taught and participated, mostly, in a 1-hour boot camp class using 20-lb. and 12-lb. dumbbells.


  • Pilates: taught 30 minutes and participated in 90 percent of it.
  • 18-mile trail run at a slow, manageable pace

5 Responses

  1. Ty on 21 Mar 2011

    Makes my training schedule look doable : )

  2. Stephanie Gendron on 22 Mar 2011

    WOW… this is so much! I always knew you had a lot on your plate, but this is a lot! I am a wimp…

  3. Scott on 22 Mar 2011

    Thanks for sharing the additional details. I have already learned much from which classes you choose NOT to do in a given week, and of course those aren’t in your list. The perspective and balance is valuable insight.

  4. Mandi Winland on 22 Mar 2011

    However, none of it was done with butt tassles. (Sorry, couldn’t resist throwing that in there.) Thanks for the butt-kicking last Friday!

    • Ty on 22 Mar 2011

      Don’t forget the short shorts 🙂

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