It wasn’t pretty, but I did it. I got myself into a Zumba workout. I can understand why this is such a popular class. The vibe is infectious and there is no judgment. You just shake what your momma gave you. Apparently, my momma wasn’t very generous. I do have some observations however:

1)      I cannot shake. I have parts that shake, mind you; I just can’t make them shake in the right way. Zumba humbled me and reminded me to be patient with those who struggle with the type of fitness – running, boot camp, balls-to-the-wall workouts – that I enjoy.

2)      Zumba participants have a sense of style that eludes many of us other fitness junkies. I showed up in black pants, going the extra with my pink-trimmed, gun-metal grey tank top. Little did I know I would be outshined by sassy pants with butt tassels, technicolor stripes and flirty skirts? These girls know how to dress for a workout. We could learn something. So could the guy I passed today running in extremely tight, turquoise spandex shorts, but that’s another post.

3)      The instructor matters. I had a rare opportunity to sample a veritable pantheon (thank you, Iron Chef) of instructors and while all were fun, some broke the movements down into a way my simple, dance-challenged brain could understand. So, as is true with so many class genres (cycling, yoga, Pilates), just because you did not enjoy one Zumba class does not mean you will dislike all classes. Instructors differ in their cuing, music and energy – find the one that works for you. Some instructors treat it as a workout, some as a party – find one that can give you both.

All-in-all, I won’t rush back. But, that’s my problem – not Zumba’s. I will recommend it to any client or friend who shies away from more traditional fitness programs. Really, naysayers, it can get you sweaty. If there were photos, I would post them. But, alas, there are none…consider yourself lucky.

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  1. Grace on 16 Mar 2011

    you are too funny…i love reading your posts…and i love your sarcasm!! hah!

  2. Ty on 16 Mar 2011

    I forgot about the butt tassels – in search of the perfect butt tassel pants for men if one exists : )

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