A relatively new client of mine, we’ll call her Beth, has about a 10-lb. weight loss as one of her goals. Beth told me she was thinking of doing the South Beach Diet to help her lose the weight. I asked her why, as any diet plan implies “temporary,” and did she have plans on how to continue to manage once the weight came off.  I suggested she simply start logging food and making better choices using an online resource like LIVESTRONG’s The Daily Plate.

So, yesterday during our session Beth says sheepishly, “You know, you are really onto something with this calorie-counting thing.” She was being facetious, but at the same time acknowledging the fact that calories in versus calories out really does matter in weight loss. You can follow all the fancy plans you like – delivery services, Atkins, acai berry etc., but all of these plans are simply low-calorie plans with a gimmick trying to make them seem different. While some weight loss plans are healthier than others and you may have more success on a certain type of plan because it features more foods you enjoy than an alternative, what it comes down to is eating fewer calories than you burn.

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  1. typaywa on 10 Mar 2011

    thanks you rock Andrea

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