Those Days

Some days you just don’t have it. Even me. I had to fit in my 3 mile tempo before my 5:30am cycle class because of all the other business I have going on today.  I knew from the second I woke up at 3:50 am that it was going to be a dud. The internal talk started: maybe I could run tomorrow and shift my whole week schedule; does the 3 miles really matter; could I run after the class and still make it home in time to bath the kids and get them to school? But, at 4:40, I headed out the door, still grumpy about the prospect of the run. Got on the treadmill at 4:55, warmed up and went. Don’t get me wrong, I resented each minute, and each 1/10th of a mile seemed an eternity. But, I also realized how frustrated and mad at myself I would be if I bailed; and I still had cycling to do anyway. Of course, if you are trying to push yourself and you haven’t had a day off in weeks – then you should reconsider going. Ask yourself if you might be getting sick – and again, whether the push is warranted.  I knew I had taken yesterday off and had a light Saturday – so no excuses there. So next time that voice in your head says, “I don’t want to” have a quick response:

  • I’ll compromise and allow myself to take it easy if I have to
  • You’ll regret it later
  • Get started and see how I feel
  • Can I reschedule for later in the day when I feel better? Realistically. (Don’t use this one if you know you will run out of time and bail)
  • Get it over with, and then you’ll be done for the day

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2 Responses

  1. Scott Davis on 10 Mar 2011

    One saying I have liked for a long time is, “I usually regret a skipped workout but rarely do I regret one just finished”. I use this to ask myself if I have a good reason to skip or am I just going to regret the decision?

  2. Stephanie Gendron on 10 Mar 2011

    I hear this! I am not that great at always listening to my body… but I have been trying lately and I am seeming to get more quality! Although I do have days where I am dragging myself and usually when I am done I am pleased that I went and it’s over!!!

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